Young Life Adventures Summer Intern Program

Baja, Mexico internship:  May 28 to July 2, 2024

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Young Life Adventures is now accepting applications for summer interns for Baja through January 15th.  Adventures is looking for mature college-aged or young adults (sophomore in college or 20 years old minimum age) who are growing in Christ and would be a fit to spend the summer serving in Baja, Mexico.  YLA interns have a high level of camper interaction and influence, and are a key component of our discipleship experience at Adventures.  YLA interns will be discipled and grow as leaders through their time serving at Adventures.  Interns work long hours and are expected to serve in a variety of roles each day, sharing the whole responsibility of running camp together as a team.  They live in close quarters and serve in community with the team of ten interns, Assignment team members, and Adventures staff.  Applicants should have served on work crew and summer staff at a Young Life camp, and be involved in their local Young Life ministry.

YLA Baja intern roles include overseeing groups of campers on service projects; food service; taking photos and editing for weekly videos; leading music at club; EMT.  All interns will share their testimony with campers and help with a variety of needs involved in running camp in Mexico.  Interns will volunteer their time for the month they are in Baja.

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I saw Him change lives and help kids face their doubts and questions. Throughout the summer I noticed how we reflect Jesus to others in everything we do. I cherished the opportunity to practice Colossians 3:23, “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”  I gained a greater sense of who He has created me to be and how I can encounter Jesus throughout my day.
Monica2017 Summer Intern

We believe in the power of impact through experience. If kids are willing to be challenged physically, our hope is that they will learn to take the next step in their faith as well. We want kids to experience family as God intended for them—to be known intimately, and loved completely. Our deepest hope is that each camper at Young Life Adventures would leave having learned to follow Jesus for life!