Santa Cruz Trip Leader Information

Dear Trip Leader for Young Life Adventures,

We are excited about serving you at Young Life Adventures this summer.  We know this discipleship experience will have a deep impact on you and your kids!  This letter contains some important information to help you prepare for your time at Young Life Adventures.  If you are not the trip leader for this trip, please forward it to that person and let us know whom we should be in contact with.

Due to the nature of adventure camping, we would like to make sure that you feel prepared and have the chance to ask any questions.  We will be out on activities everyday and provide the gear, but you will need to be properly dressed for the activities.

Two things we want to remind you of that are different from other camps.  First, you will need to provide transportation for your group for the whole week.  We will leave our base camp each day for a new adventure.  Second, our housing at Young Life Adventures is much more rustic than other Young Life camps.  There is no bathroom or electricity in your cabin.  Make sure you bring warm sleeping bags and pillows and inform your group that it will be rustic!

WHAT TO BRING:  Here’s a list of helpful things our guests need.

  • Sleeping bag (warm) and pillow.  Do not forget these!!!
  • Sturdy swim suit that will stay in place during activities
  • Running style shoes or hiking boots
  • Water shoes or sandals (old sneakers are great) for walking in a river
  • Flip flops or sandals to walk from cabin to bathrooms & for the beach
  • Sunglasses & Sunscreen
  • Active wear (for playing outside, getting dirty or muddy … )
  • Flash light (an essential item!)
  • Jacket for nights (plus pants, sweatshirt.  It can get cold.  Yes, COLD)
  • Toiletries
  • 2 towels – one for showers; one for beach
  • Bible, journal and a pen
  • Bug spray
  • Spending money for snacks and other items
  • Completed health forms

10 DAY CHECK IN FOR CAMP:  The 10 Day Check-In needs to be made at least 10 days before your trip to Young Life Adventures.  Please mark the due date of your 10 Day Check-In on your calendar and e-mail jamesthomsen@mac.com 1) the number of guy campers and leaders, 2) female campers and leaders, 3) any prayer requests we can be aware of, and 4) dietary needs of kids or leaders.

OTHER PRE-CAMP FORMS:  The A-FORM (YL6202) can be found on the Young Life website/Staff Resources page.  This excel document must be completed and e-mailed to jamesthomsen@mac.com 24 hours before Day 1 of your camp week start (3:00 pm).  We would also like to receive a Housing Request form from you at the same time.  The typed, e-mailed format helps us tremendously with housing assignments.

HEALTH FORMS:  The Health, Consent and Release Form (YL6007) is available on the Young Life website/staff resources.  They must be completed by all campers and leaders and will be collected at the time of registration.

TRAVELING TO CAMP:  For directions to Young Life Adventures, please click here for a link with directions.  The address is 627 Nelson Road, Scotts Valley, CA 95066.  Plan ahead for travel time and summer beach traffic.


Arrival time for Adventures is 3:00 PM.  We would like all areas to arrive at that time.  Please make sure you fill up all of your cars with gas when you get to Scotts Valley.  You will need to drive your vehicles every day of the week during your camp session.

CALL your camp manager after you have filled up with gas in Scotts Valley and are ready to drive into camp.

•May 31-June 26-Steve Chung (415) 297-9066

•June 28-July 17-Carol Carter (510) 750-6615

•July 19-August 7-Bree Haskell (530) 519-5463

ELECTRONICS:  We will withhold all electronics from guests for the duration of your stay.  This includes any music devices, mobile phones, etc.  These items should be collected upon arrival.  Bags/containers marked with your area name will be provided when you arrive in your vehicles.

FLU PRE-SCREENING REQUIREMENTS:  All California camps are required to screen each person 24 hours or less before the start of camp to ensure they are not sick.  You must get each participant’s temperature taken by a nurse or doctor within 24 hours of your trip departure.  Please check the Young Life Staff Resources page to make sure you have the most up-to-date information.  Make sure you comply with this as we do not want to send anybody home because they are sick! You must get each participant’s temperature taken by a nurse or doctor within 24 hours of your trip departure and have them complete this formFlu Pre-Screening Form

EMERGENCY AND CONTACT INFORMATION:  In case of emergencies back home, parents may contact the camp manager for your session.

•May 31-June 26 -Steve Chung (415) 297-9066

•June 28-July 17-Carol Carter (510) 750-6615

•July 19-August 7-Bree Haskell (530) 519-5463

You may also list camp director (James Thomsen) as a secondary emergency contact, which is (831)331-1483 or assistant director BJ Elvendahl (763) 370-2235.

If parents are wanting to write a letter or send a package to their child, they can send mail and packages to:

Young Life Adventures
c/o (First and Last name of the camper)
627 Nelson Road
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

We are praying your time at Young Life Adventures will be an eternal blessing for you and your kids.  Thanks for your service to our Lord in such a vital ministry.  Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with!  After you have read all of this e-mail and looked through the attachments, please reply to this note and let me know you received and read all of it.

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